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The world around us is waiting to be discovered. blypIT's Augmented Reality (AR) app unlocks the world with cool 2D interactive content bringing outdoor billboards, signage, magazines, posters, trading cards and more to life using your smartphone. blypIT’s cool virtual hologram lets you stand next to your favorite celebrity or sports hero and share the experience on social media!

the Exclusive

Look for the blypIT logo to discover exciting, exclusive content of your favorite celebrity or sports hero.


Stand next to your favorite sports hero or celebrity with blypIT's virtual hologram, take a video and share it with your friends on social media. It’s almost like you met them in person!

and Win

blypIT and have a chance to win amazing prizes from participating partners.

Memories are created everyday that we capture with our smartphones. Pixicle turns your mobile photos into memory lasting Storybooks you can pass down from generation to generation just like our parents and grandparents before us. Simple and easy to use, Pixicle can help you create memories for all your occasions. For the first time ever, experience your photos like never before. With Pixicle’s Augmented Reality, you are now able to bring your photos to life with video reliving those precious memories!

Pixicle Print App    |    Storybook App

Create in Minutes

Simple user interface will let you create your Pixicle Storybook in as little as three minutes.

Photos that Last

Pixicle Storybooks are printed on high quality photo paper that will preserve your memories for a lifetime.

Special Moments Captured

Pixicle Storybooks will let you add those special video moments bringing your photos to life like never before.

Designs that Matter

Over 400 templates for any occasion you can imagine — from baby's first Christmas to a Paris vacation.

The business of Counterfeit Goods is the largest underground industry in the world. Hundreds of billions of dollars are generated while sapping the economy, putting lives in jeopardy, and funding organized crime in the process. The International Chamber of Commerce estimates that counterfeit goods could cost the global economy over US$4 trillion by 2020. The ARthentix app enables brands to protect against counterfeit goods and expand margins through increased after market value.

Peace of Mind

ARthentix proprietary authentication system provides both the buyer and seller peace of mind when conducting their transaction.


ARthentix utilizes Blockchain technology along with Augmented Reality and its own proprietary authentication protocol to ensure accuracy and security.

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