In support of Mental Health Awareness in the United States and Canada,
Pro Exp Media is hosting a campaign, Mental Illness Has No Face.

To initiate the campaign, we launched an ongoing dance challenge, Dance Like No One's Watching For Mental Health Awareness. Through optimism, hard work and a little fun WE can make a difference and as a collective create a massive wave of awareness for Mental Health and related issues.

JOIN US in our Dance Like No One's Watching Challenge to help raise awareness and funds for this worthy cause.

1.) DANCE LIKE NO ONE'S WATCHING! Record a 1 minute or less video clip of you dancing (in any fashion/setting you would like) and post it to social media (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and/or Youtube) using the #DLNOWChallenge and be sure to tag @dlnowchallenge so we can see it and count it towards our total number of videos created.

2.) Spread the word and tell your friends to participate! Tag them and give them 24 HOURS to get their dance video up on social media. Don't forget to encourage them to use #DLNOWChallenge and to tag @dlnowchallenge.

Pro Exp Media will donate $1 per video (up to $10,000) that is shared on social media (ie. Instagram, Facebook, Twitter). We will be counting videos that appear using the #dlnowchallenge and videos that we are tagged in using @dlnowchallenge. If you want to ensure your video is seen and counted towards our donations, please ensure your video is tagged AND hashtagged.

Thank you for your support!

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